Join Gary and Robin as they travel to Glasgow in Northeast Montana. Take a tour of one of the country's largest hydroelectric plants, visit with the daughter of a famous Assiniboine Indian Chief, and fly fish for smallmouth bass and walleye pike on Fort Peck Lake. From Glasgow to Great Falls the Montana adventure continues next week.

Today Robin and I are using similar but slightly different rods. I'm testing a 9 1/2' x 6wt. while Robin is using a 9' x 5wt., which seems to beworking well. I've decided to throw the 9 1/2' x 6wt. To see how it handles the larger bass flies. Though both rods work well, the 6wt. seems to deliver the flies with a little less effort.

As for line, we're both using intermediate sinking lines that are one size larger than our respective rods. We find that the heavier line makes the rod load faster and requires less false casting to achieve the desired distance.

Our flies are basic minnow imitations. We are alternating between blue and white streamers and a classic olive and white Clouser minnow. Both are working well with a fairly slow retrieve or jigging them along the rocky bottom.

To get the flies deep we have added a little split shot about 18" above the fly. The weight doesn't' make for a pretty cast but in the absence of a heavier sinking line it gets the job done.

For leader, it's pretty basic. We are using an 8' leader with a 2' tippet tapered down to 5lb. test or about 4x strength.

Few people fly fish Fort Peck Lake and many of the locals we talked to questioned the effectiveness. With our guide Scott's help, putting us in the right place at the right time and showing us what lures he would normally use with conventional fishing gear, we're pleasantly surprised with the results!

PRIME TIME: June 1st - October 1st

GETTING THERE: Interstate travel (I-94) or private
airport service

LODGING & DINING: Hotels, motels, campgrounds /
variety of local restaurants and chains

ACTIVITIES: Fort Peck Theatre, museums, water
skiing, fishing, windsurfing, boating

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Sunscreen, drink plenty
of water, camera, check with Glasgow Chamber of
Commerce for events

Northeast Montana is truly a unique area offering a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Prime time to visit would be from June 1st to Oct. 1st, when temperatures will generally run in the mid 70's to mid 90's during the day and drop comfortably in the evening.

Getting there is easy. If you enjoy driving, the Glasgow/Ft. Peck areas are not far off Interstate 94. All the secondary roads are wide open with few turns and even fewer vehicles. Glasgow also has a small airport for private planes and is serviced commercially. If you really want an adventure you can travel by train.

Lodging choices are varied. There is a good selection of small, comfortable motels, a few Bed & Breakfasts, a couple of larger independently owned motels, and a number of nice campgrounds.

Dining out in the area includes a wide assortment of independently owned cafes and restaurants with a few fast food places thrown in for good measure.

When it comes to things to do the list is long and varied, especially for visitors that enjoy the outdoors. The topography of NE Montana is rolling prairies and plains with huge vistas. If you visit you'll soon figure out why Montana is called Big Sky Country. The gentle terrain makes for great biking and hiking. And with a lake that's 130 miles long there are water sports of all kinds to be enjoyed; boating, water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, and of course fishing!

A tour of the power plant, the pioneer museum, and the Fort Peck Theatre are all must do's when visiting NE Montana. Don't forget to bring your camera and lots of film. Also drink lots
of water to keep up with the dry
climate. And be sure to wear sunscreen
at all times.


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Recommended Lodging:
Cottonwood Inn
45 1st. Ave. N.E.
P.O. Box 1240
Glasgow, MT. 59230
(800) 321-8213

Recommended Dining:
Prairie Rose Restaurant
45 1st Ave N.E.
P.O. Box 1240
Glasgow, MT. 59230
(800) 321-8213

Sams Supper Club
307 1st Ave. N.
Glasgow, MT. 59230
(406) 228-4614

Area Attractions & Information:
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
(877) 228-2223

Pioneer Museum
US Highway 2
Glasgow, MT. 59230
(406) 228-8692

Fort Peck Power Plant
P.O. Box 208
Fort Peck, MT. 59223
(406) 526-3411

Guide Service for Fort Peck Reservoir:
Sioux Pass Outfitters
Scott Sundheim
(406) 798-3474

Fort Peck Summer Theater
(406) 526-9943